If My Windshield Is Cracked Will I Pass A Vehicle Inspection?

Cracked windshields can happen and repairing them can be expensive.

Does a cracked auto windshield prevent a vehicle from passing inspection in Texas?

The laws on windshield cracks and whether auto glass windshield replacement is necessary to pass a vehicle inspection differ in every state and the rules in Texas might surprise you!

Texas Inspection Laws About Cracked Windshields

You might be surprised to learn that in Texas, there is no specific vehicle inspection law pertaining to cracked windshields.

The law only states that the vehicle must have a serviceable windshield with functioning windshield wipers.

It is completely legal to drive in Texas with a cracked auto windshield in most cases and windshields specifically are not a point of inspection that must be marked as passing or failing for a vehicle to pass and get its yearly sticker.

Yet there are other safety inspection points that could essentially fail a vehicle based on the condition of the front glass, even though there is no check box on the inspection form specifically pertaining to windshield cracks.

Obstructed View and Cracked Auto Windshields

While vehicle inspections do not specifically question the presence of windshield cracks, they do cover visual obstructions in whatever way they ;might be present.

In that vein, a vehicle in need of auto glass windshield replacement would be one that has a crack that enters the driver’s line of vision somewhere on the windshield.

In other words, small windshield cracks that are out of the way of where the driver will look as they drive are acceptable; however, if at any point the driver would need to look past the crack, that is considered a safety hazard.

When Is It Time For Auto Windshield Replacement?

Visual obstructions like cracked auto windshields that prevent a driver from having a clear view of the road, especially at night, when cracks can cause distracting light reflections are a serious driving hazard.

Any windshield with a crack within the driver’s line of vision across the whole windshield or a small crack that slowly spreads over time should undergo auto glass windshield replacement to prevent the possibility of a vision-related accident.

Another idea for windshields with small cracks outside the line of vision is to see an auto glass shop for glass repair, which can prevent a crack from spreading and becoming severe enough to require windshield replacement.

In either case, it is best to have an auto glass professional look at the crack and tell you whether it will pass or not, rather than chance being cited by a police officer who feels a crack is obstructing your view.

Auto Glass Shops Offer Cracked Windshield Solutions

If you are driving around with a cracked windshield and wonder whether it will prevent your vehicle from passing its Texas inspection this year, let a professional auto glass technician take a look.

Minor cracks can be easily and inexpensively repaired and some cracked auto windshields may not need any attention at all; however, cracks within the driver’s line of vision or in danger of expanding into that area should definitely be replaced.

To make sure your car passes state inspection this year, get any auto glass windshield replacement done beforehand so it will pass with flying colors!

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