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Perhaps you were traveling on the freeway in Navasota Texas and a big bird struck your windshield or a short trip across the town ended in a crash that shattered your side windows, leaving your car roadworthy yet with a shattered side window.

Whenever you have a broken windshield or side window, it may be distressing to you and hazardous to travel within your SUV on the city streets!

Even worse, you might be given a traffic ticket when the glass damage is quite extensive and definitely cannot meet the requirements of a State Safety Inspection with front windshield issues.

Now what happens?

You clearly need assistance without delay – you need George's Auto Glass!

Once you live in Navasota Texas and need Auto Glass Side Window Repair, the Team at George's Auto Glass is able to do it!

Here are several alternatives that George's Auto Glass can provide:

  • The first is car window replacement for windshields and back or side glass when the damage to your windows or windshield is too great to be repaired. It involves taking off the old glass and putting in a new window.
  • An additional option is crack and hail dent restoration. If you have a fracture or scratch in your window, SUV glass restoration might be an alternative. This requires lining the crack or dent with a resin or another material in order to seal it and prevent further destruction, making the window sturdier and less likely to crack.
  • Mobile window restoration when you don't have the time to come to us. We realize that your time is important and you may not have spare time to come to us. We can repair hail dents or cracks and also install complete windshields or rear windows and can travel up to 50 miles from Bryan to do this!

Why would you trust George's Auto Glass for Auto Glass Side Window Repair?

  • Simply a half hour curing time because of our usage of quick drying cement!
  • Newer windshields need Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems adjustment – we are able to do it at George's Auto Glass!
  • Huge inventory of windshields and car glass indicates we could get you back on the road quickly!
  • Mobile repair and new installation – we will go to you within a 50-mile radius of Bryan!
  • Project usually done within 24 hours of when you telephone!

Whatever option you select such as Auto Glass Side Window Repair, you can be certain that your SUV is going to be looking and functioning well quickly.

Do not have a shattered windshield or side window destroy your plans, contact George's Auto Glass to find out exactly what options you have!

Need Auto Glass Side Window Repair in Navasota Texas?

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