Common Questions about Windshield Repair

So you’re driving along the highway one day, and then the dreaded thing happens- a rock pops up from the road ahead of you and comes flying into your windshield. You hear the awful sound and know immediately that it has cracked. That feeling of dread washes over you- now you’ll have to get your windshield replaced and give up some precious hours of your week to take in your car and somehow find the time in your busy week schedule to make it all happen. Ugh! Lucky for you, George’s Auto Glass does windshield repair

Cracks or chips in your windshield are both annoying AND a hazard to your driving. They should be taken seriously and treated quickly to prevent the damage from spreading, so there’s a sense of urgency. Luckily, windshield repairs are easy! On top of that, in most cases, your insurance company will cover the cost of the repair. 

Can a windshield crack be repaired?

If you see that there’s a crack in your windshield, don’t worry. Lots of cracks can easily be repaired. It depends on the size and location of the crack, but you don’t necessarily need a full windshield replacement if you start to see cracks appearing. When an object flies into your windshield and causes a chip, that damage can be repaired if it is minor and not in the driver’s line of vision. There is another kind of crack called a bullseye crack, which is named for its shape. These kinds of cracks are typically larger than a regular chip, so a technician should be consulted to determine if they can be repaired. The more typical cracks are called edge and floater cracks, which are named for their location on the windshield. The edge cracks vary as far as repairability, but with smaller floater cracks repairs are easy to do. 

For all of these repairs, acting fast is crucial. You should call a trained glass technician quickly if you observe these kinds of damages on your windshield to prevent spreading or further windshield damage

How big can a crack be in my windshield to repair it?

The smaller a crack is in your windshield, the easier it will be to repair. The location of the crack is important to consider as well. If it does not come across into the driver’s line of sight, it’s more likely to be repairable. If it is longer than 3 inches, repairing it will typically be difficult. Additionally, a small cluster of cracks can also be difficult to repair as they weaken the area of the windshield in a different way than a single small crack would, often necessitating a replacement.

Ultimately, the decision on whether or not your windshield can be repaired will come down to the advice of a trained glass technician. 

How do you stop a crack in your windshield from spreading?

If you see a crack in your windshield, there are a few things you can do to prevent it from spreading. You should do your best to avoid extreme temperature changes, as these cause the glass to shift and can send cracks spreading across your windshield. Glass expands in the heat and contracts in the cold, so a quick change in temperature can dramatically increase the size of the crack. You should also avoid bumpy roads as much as possible if you notice your windshield is cracked because they can exacerbate your crack as well. Ultimately, the best way to stop a crack from spreading is to get it repaired immediately! Don’t hesitate to book an appointment if you notice a crack forming. 

The Brazos Valley trusts George’s Auto Glass above the others because of our friendly and knowledgeable staff and our 24-hour turnaround (in most instances). Unlike the other auto glass companies, if you call us, we will repair your glass within 24 hours of your call and the process usually takes less than 2 hours!