Broken Windshields – Why Do They Need ADAS Calibration?

Repairing broken windshields is becoming a more advanced affair these days as automotive technology continues to progress.

When cracked windshields are replaced in newer vehicles that have ADAS technology, it involves more than just putting in the new glass.

Before going to just any auto glass shop to replace a cracked or shattered windshield, vehicle owners need to understand the importance of ADAS calibration and ensure their chosen shop can do it.

What Is ADAS?

ADAS or Advanced Driver Assistance Systems is a series of advanced driver safety features that many newer vehicles include.

Basic ADAS features like automatic windshield wipers and headlights have been used in vehicle design for decades now and newer features are continuously being introduced.

More recent ones that can be affected by changing broken windshields include adaptive cruise control, AEB or automatic emergency braking, PAED or pedestrian automatic emergency braking, and lane departure warning systems.

Though none of these seem like they involve the windshield, all of these ADAS systems can be affected by repairing or replacing cracked or scratched windshields if calibration is not done as well.

How Does ADAS Relate To The Repair of Broken Windshields?

To understand the relationship between repairing and replacing broken or cracked windshields and a vehicle’s ADAS system, it is necessary to know how ADAS actually works.

Many of the more advanced ADAS features work using sensors that detect specific movements and distances.

These sensors, which include motion detectors, cameras, radars, and similar devices, are either mounted directly to the vehicle’s windshield or directly behind it.

They are calibrated to work based on the factory windshield installation, so any damaged or shattered windshield replacement can directly affect the performance of these sensors.

What Is ADAS Calibration for Cracked or Shattered Windshields?

Any time a car accident or damaged windshield makes replacing the windshield necessary for a vehicle with ADAS technology, it is essential that calibration be done to keep those safety features working properly.

Because they measure distance and use camera imagery at certain locations and angles on the vehicle, the windshield tech must calibrate these sensors using special calibration tools so they perform properly.

Repairing or replacing a scratched or cracked windshield without performing the necessary recalibration of this equipment means the sensors will not detect correctly and these safety features will be essentially useless.

Inaccurate measurement of distances and incorrect camera angles can cause these features to malfunction, potentially allowing accidents to happen as opposed to preventing them.

ADAS Calibration Needed When Replacing Broken Windshields

Whether it is scratched, cracked, or worse, a broken windshield should always be replaced to maintain driver visibility and driving safety.

Any time a cracked windshield is replaced the new auto glass must undergo ADAS calibration to ensure that any existing sensor-activated safety features mounted on or behind the front windshield will continue to function correctly.

Vehicle owners can rest assured that their onboard ADAS safety features will work perfectly when they choose an auto glass service experienced with ADAS calibration and having the tools to do it.

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