Don’t Wait Too Long to Replace That Windshield!

The last thing that anyone wants to deal with is windshield replacement or repair, especially if it seems like the problem is a minor one.

Yet waiting can make auto glass issues more significant and turn a minor concern into a more costly one.

Waiting to get auto glass repairs made can also become a safety issue that results in much bigger problems.

Regardless of whether the problem is a chip, a hairline crack, or more, the wiser solution is always to address a damaged windshield sooner rather than later.

Windshield Damage Worsens With Time

Not every chip or crack in a windshield requires auto glass repair or replacement.

Even so, it is best for vehicle owners to have the imperfection in their windshield checked out as soon as it happens to prevent the problem from worsening.

Some imperfections are less likely to worsen over time, but other seemingly benign cracks or chips can quickly spread the more time that passes.

Small cracks and chips can become major damage that requires windshield replacement due to vibration, heat expansion, and other reasons.

If a smaller crack that could have been repaired turns into a longer one, the only option is auto glass replacement, a more costly solution than affordable chip or crack repair.

The sooner an auto glass specialist inspects the damage and provides the appropriate repair, the better the chance that a repair is all that will be necessary.

Damaged Auto Glass Is A Safety Hazard

Beyond the inconvenience and possibility that minor damage could turn into a bigger problem if not immediately tended to, auto glass that is cracked or chipped is a safety hazard.

Lines or chips in auto glass can refract light from the sun and temporarily blind the driver as a worst-case scenario or interfere with the driver’s line of vision, making an auto accident more possible.

Additionally, any windshield damage that affects the onboard vehicle sensors can prevent automated safety features like lane departure warnings and collision warnings from functioning correctly, leading to dangerous accidents.

Driving With Windshield Damage Is Illegal

Many windshields in need of replacement may also be illegal to drive if there is any possibility that it could impede the driver’s vision or create other problems.

The longer a vehicle is driven while in need of windshield replacement or repair, the greater the chance that a driver will be pulled over, ticketed, and required to pay a steep fine.  

Stay Safe - Schedule Auto Glass Repairs Soon

The best solution in all of these instances is to have any auto glass damage checked as soon as it happens to avoid accidents and losing the possibility of paying for an inexpensive repair instead of being forced to replace the windshield instead.

When the damage is significant enough that windshield replacement is necessary, putting it off could result in a serious accident or an expensive ticket.

Auto glass is one component of every vehicle that should never be allowed to remain damaged, as it is much more economical and safe to repair sooner rather than later!

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